House of Light - Egyptian Pagan Alchemists

Welcome to our site! Here's what you need to know...

We're an Eclectic group of Egyptian/Pagan/Wiccan/Alchemist-styled members in the regional Dallas/Oak Lawn/Richardson area of Texas. U.S.A. 

We offer instruction, education, and spiritual growth to 'dedicated' members with similar interests to enlighten themselves in many ways.

We're a group of spiritual beings centralized in the Dallas, Texas / Oak Lawn and Richardson area meeting informally for pagan, metaphysical, new age classes, and ancient ritual public/private celebrations.

Known to many for over 15+ years as the "House of Light" Egyptian spiritual group for gay and straight folk in the local area.

We harness the power of "Spirit" and the universal forces of nature in a quest to better understand ourselves and our place in the world.

We are of no faith, and yet of *all* faiths.. We are sexual, and yet disinterested in sexual orientation. We are nothing, yet we are everything!

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