House of Light - Egyptian Alchemists

About Us


We're a group of spiritual beings centralized in the Dallas, Texas / Oak Lawn area meeting informally for pagan, metaphysical, new age classes, and ancient ritual celebrations.

Known to many as the "House of Light" Egyptian spiritual group for gay and straight folk in the local area.

We harness the power of "Spirit" and the universal forces of nature in a quest to better understand ourselves and our place in the world.

We are of no faith, and yet of *all* faiths.. We are sexual, and yet disinterested in sexual orientation. We are nothing, yet we are everything!

Why you're here. 

You're here because:
• You were given this address by a friend who thought we might interest you.
• You're part of our "chosen family" who has worked with us in the past.
• You have knowledge to help and share with others.
• You stumbled upon this secluded web site un-invited but willing to learn more.

What we're not.
Some of the things we're not:
• Not a dating service to help you find the lover of your dreams.
• Not a coven with rigid rules and regulations.
• Not a place to be cool and fashionable with your Gothic or Goth-ling friends

Our Goal
Things we work towards:
• To give you the ability to move beyond "one-dimensional" thinking.
• Introduce you to things, beliefs, and traditions found beyond the Holy Bible.
• To expand your mind, offering alternatives to current ways of thinking.
• To find peace within yourself regardless of personal beliefs.
• To question all that you are unsure of in a positive approach.

Forsake Inhibitions, Pursue thy dreams!

Welcome to the "craft of the wise ones". The place where the unseen becomes seen and the place where fear is replaced with understanding and betterment. Start now by entering the FORUM where you can search and scan a wealth of information donated by other visitors like yourself.

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